DELTA TECH INDUSTRIES Quad-Bar™ Armored H.I.D. Headlight Kit with City Lights -JEEP TJ (PAIR)

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Quad-Bar™ 7" HID Headlight Set with Armor Cross Bars and LED City Lights. (JEEP TJ) The ‘1199’ series features DELTA engineered armor. Builtin crossbars protect the lighting element. When off-roading the lens may shatter but the armor will protect the bulb ensuring you won't need to drive home from the fun in the dark. Lead-crystal glass lens does not oxidize (become hazy or accumulate film) like plastic lenses. Added lead enhances glass strength. Prismatic lens provides superior photo-metric light distribution. Four time finished vacuum metalized steel reflectors improve reflection 4 to 1 next to stock. Burner assembly protected by high-density silicone rubber boot with venting to guard against dirt and moisture. Mini City Lights can be wired to turn signals, parking, or daytime running lights as desired. (City light wiring harness not included). In the box; 2 (ea) Headlight Assemblies, 2 (ea) H4 H.I.D. Burners (35W), 2 (ea) H.I.D. Ballasts, 2 (ea) Incadescent City Lights, 2 (ea) Silicone Boots, 2 (ea) H4/ H13 Adapters ***Replaces any standard 7" headlight that uses H4/ H2064/ 9003 or H13 type harness. (JEEP TJ) NOTE: To purchase replacement or alternate miniature bulbs go to Bulbs Section. (Search 5053) NOTE: H.I.D. Headlights are not DOT compliant and are not legal for highway use. They may be purchased strictly for off-road use such as: for Race Cars, Show Cars, UTV, ATV, Farm Equipment, Industrial Equipment or any other non-highway vehicle and for Export Market.