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Scotch-Brite Radial Bristle Brush, 8 in x 1 in x 1-1/4 in 120 with Flange, 2 ea/Case

Sold As: 2-Pack
SKU: 7100138334
MPN: 7100138334
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UPC: 00048011330839
3M ID: 61500189461
5 Digit UPC: 33083
Shelf Life: 1825 Days
Country of Origin: USA
Manufacturer: 3M
Size: 8 in1 in
Abrasive Material: Ceramic
Grit: P120
Color: White
$299.99 ($150.00 / Count)
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Scotch-Brite Radial Bristle Brush, using a proprietary ceramic abrasive grain blended with aluminum oxide and molded, flexible bristles, provides more surface contact than wire brushes and maintains abrasive property throughout the life of the brush. This brush removes paint, stains, adhesives, weld burns, rust, heavy oxides, and surface contaminants.

A Good Alternative to Steel Wool
Under normal use, the flexible bristles remain safely in place and can achieve the desired finish using light pressure.

Our Scotch-Brite Radial Bristle Disc is designed to last longer than wire and other abrasive discs and works well on aluminum, brass, bronze, carbon steel, cast iron, stainless steel, and other metals. Applications include general industrial, aerospace, automotive, metalworking, transportation, and automotive as well as fine detailing requirements of electronics, jewelry and woodworking industries.

Ideal for Robotic Deburring
With a wide range of conformability options and high consistency, long-lasting Scotch-Brite industrial abrasives are a great option for robotic deburring. Scotch-Brite Radial Bristle Brush quickly removes burrs and sharp edges in end-of-arm tooling operations, delivering consistent performance through the full life of the abrasive.

The Many Benefits of Ceramic Abrasive Grain
Ceramic abrasive grain is a ceramic mineral manufactured using one of our proprietary processes to enhance toughness and hardness of the grain. For increased performance, Scotch-Brite Bristle Discs feature aluminum oxide blended with ceramic abrasive grain for one of the hardest, longest-lasting minerals available. Perfect for moderate to heavy stock removal, ceramic abrasives are engineered to cut fast and handle intense heat and stress applications. Ceramic abrasive grain surpasses aluminum oxide abrasives in cut-rate, durability, and makes an excellent choice for industrial grinding and finishing applications.

Extra Details

  • Cleans with minimal pressure
  • Conformability allows abrasive to stay in contact with complex-shaped parts in robotic processing
  • Contains no wire filaments for improved safety
  • Flexible bristles produce uniform finishes around protrusions, detail grooves, patterns, and other hard-to-reach areas
  • Molded, abrasive filled bristles finish, polish, and deburr more effectively than wire brushes
  • Proprietary 3M Ceramic Abrasive Grain blend provides high degree of finish quality throughout the life of the disc

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