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Sprinkler Seal Sealant with PTFE 14 Liter

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Size: 14 Liter
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SAF-T-LOK TPS PTFE Pipe Sealant cures on black iron, galvanized and stainless steel pipe as well as monel and on other inactive metals. TPS provides an excellent seal on tapered pipe joints, and when fully cured, locks joints against vibration, forming a non-shrinking seal against leaks to the burst strength rating of the pipe. These PTFE Pipe Sealants also cure to provide a seal on non-tapered threaded fittings. The PTFE particles provide a "one-way" lubricating action during assembly to prevent galling. The seal is impervious to most chemicals, solvents, gasses and many industrial acids. Fittings can be disassembled with normal wrenches. SAF-T-LOK TPS and I-TPS products bears the highest classified pipe sealant rating from the UNDERWRITERS LABORATORY. Sprinkler Sealant - SS PTFE lubricated assembly Instant seal on tapered pipe Cure delayed 30 minutes Low odor Easy breakaway Non-thickening at low temperature Does not attack paint Chemical resistant

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