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Standard Abrasives Buff and Blend Cross Buff HS, 727334, A/O Coarse, 1 in x 3/8 in x 2 Ply x 8-32, 50/Carton, 500 ea/Case

Sold As: 50-Pack
SKU: 7000047211
MPN: 7000047211
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UPC: 00051115371462
3M ID: 66000134099
5 Digit UPC: 37146
Shelf Life: 3650 Days
Country of Origin: USA
Manufacturer: 3M
Size: 1 in0 NP
Abrasive Material: Aluminum Oxide
Color: Green
$161.45 ($3.23 / Count)
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The Standard Abrasives Buff and Blend Cross Buff HS is uniquely designed to clean and polish hard-to-reach areas like the internal diameters of pipes and tubing. The Buff & Blend HS material allows removing surface contaminants without eliminating critical detail or gouging the workpiece.

Unique Design for Tight Spots
The Standard Abrasives™ Buff and Blend Cross Buff HS is our go-to product for stubborn surface areas that require a unique, tough construction. While discs or wheels may be unable to get inside a narrow pipe or tube, our Cross Buff HS was designed to do just that. The abrasive fingers are spring-like and bend and move to accommodate the inner diameter of the workpiece. They refine deep scratches and defects without compromising the geometry of the part.

Quality Materials for the Toughest Jobs
Our Buff & Blend High Strength products are made from tough, resin-reinforced nylon fiber with aluminum oxide abrasive grain. The durable high strength construction of our mounted cross buff provides aggressive action for the toughest applications and provides greater tear resistance, perfect for deburring or final finishing on irregularly shaped parts in tight spaces.

The abrasive material on the Cross Buff HS is a strong, all-purpose material for tough cleaning and polishing jobs. The aluminum oxide mineral cuts sharp while still delivering a fine polish. Cross Buff HS comes in both coarse and medium grades. Typically, a medium grade is useful when a soft scratch pattern is desired, whereas a coarse grade delivers a more aggressive scratch. Given its versatility, this abrasive is well-suited for removing surface oxidation, rust and surface coatings for part inspection, as well as surface preparation prior to coating. It can help remove corrosion on Steel Rule and Kirksite dies. It's also great for polishing round and square tubing, valve spools, molds, dies and inside diameters of lifter bores, valve bodies and brake cylinders.

Open Web Design
In addition to the unique design of the Standard Abrasives™ Buff and Blend Cross Buff HS, the open web construction also adds a level of sponginess and flexibility. This open web material is created by combining nonwoven nylon strands and abrasive mineral with resin bonding material. Gaps between the nylon fibers allow unwanted swarf to escape, enhancing load resistance and efficiency. As the abrasive is less likely to clog with debris, the mineral keeps cutting sharper, longer.

The open web material resin bonding are also waterproof and can be used with lubricants, which help to keep the abrasive running cool and wash away swarf. The load-resistant properties of the web, combined with the swarf-cleaning action of the lubricant, help to prevent workpiece contamination. As debris clears away, the likelihood of particles smearing or blemishing the substrate decreases.

Extra Details

  • Available in coarse (green) and medium (blue) abrasive grades to help produce satin finishes on soft metals
  • Open-web buff responds to surface imperfections with minimal gouging or marring of the substrate, sustaining part geometry
  • Resin coated surface runs cool and is waterproof for use with lubricants
  • Tough nylon face removes surface contaminants while resisting chatter or gouging of the workpiece
  • Unique abrasive design enables buff to fit inside hard-to-reach areas

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