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3M Viscoelastic Damping Polymer 112P05, 23.5 in x 60 yd

SKU: 7100182566
MPN: 7100182566
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UPC: 00051128848111
3M ID: 80001430885
5 Digit UPC: 84811
Shelf Life: 730 Days
Country of Origin: USA
Manufacturer: 3M
$1,459.88 each
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3M Viscoelastic Damping Polymer 112 Series is a family of acrylic polymer based materials that are useful in many engineered designs. They have proven to reduce vibration and shock problems in electronics, appliances, automobiles and aircraft. These versatile materials can be adapted to a wide variety of applications including constrained layer dampers, multi-layer laminates using metal or polymeric films, free layer dampers, suspension dampers, shock and vibration isolators, panel, pipe and wing dampers and more.

Extra Details

  • Acrylic-based polymer with long term aging performance
  • Excellent viscoelastic damping performance
  • Multiple thickness options
  • Room temperature application

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