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3M Wood Machine Kit, 43 in x 60 in, 1 ea/Case

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Shelf Life: 3650 Days
Country of Origin: USA
Manufacturer: 3M
Size: 43 in
Abrasive Material: Variety
$751.05 each
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A 3M Wood Machine Kit provides an efficient and economical solution for multi-step projects. It’s great for operators who want to test various grades to find which works best for their application. This kit is also meant to help operators experiment at a lower cost. These belts offer all the benefits operators have come to expect from 3M abrasives, like consistency, uniformity and durability.

Choosing the Right Kit for You
Choosing the right 3M Wood Machine Kit has a lot to do with selecting the size of your wide belt. Each kit contains a 3M Cloth Belt 970DZ and a 3M Cloth Belt 966UZ, but the sizes of the belt vary by kit. Available sizes (width x length) include:

  • 25" x 60"
  • 37" x 60"
  • 37" x 75"
  • 43" x 60"
  • 43" x 75"

Operators may wonder about the similarities and differences among the belts contained in 3M Wood Machine Kit. All kits contain both 3M Cloth Belt 970DZ belts and 3M Cloth Belt 966UZ belts, and both types are designed for wide belt sanding in woodworking — helping with applications from dimensioning to stock removal to primary wood and panel processing. All belts also contain 3M Ceramic Abrasive Grain, which is a ceramic mineral formed using a proprietary process to enhance toughness and hardness of the grain. It is chemically engineered with a unique "stay sharp" crystalline structure, which continually self-sharpens cutting edges on the surface of the belt, ensuring extended high performance in heavy-duty production applications. Aside from these uniform characteristics, here's how the belts differ.

3M Cloth Belt 970DZ
3M Cloth Belt 970DZ has a Y-weight cloth backing, and the mineral is adhered to the backing in an open-coat construction. The cloth backing provides durability and tends to be more malleable and forgiving than paper-backed abrasives. Having a cloth-backed belt can be desirable when durability and tearing are top concerns. Moreover, the Y-weight abrasive is heavy-duty and strong. Y weight is one of the stiffest weights of the cloth backings, meaning this belt is not likely to yield or deflect when run. As mentioned, the mineral is applied to the backing in an open-coat construction. In an open-coat construction there are gaps between the individual minerals. These gaps permit dust and debris to escape and are desirable in high-production environments where loading is a concern. Use this belt where work surfaces tend to clog or load. 970DZ belts also have an anti-static coating that optimizes dust collection when used with an efficient dust collection system. The washable backing is ideal for high production environments where washing may be required at intervals to remove soft wood resin buildup.

3M Cloth Belt 966UZ
3M Cloth Belt 966UZ belts have an F-weight paper backing, and the mineral is adhered to the backing in a design that is optimized for each individual grade. Among paper backings, F weight is one of the heaviest, most rigid paper backings available and will achieve finer finishes than cloth-backed belts in the same grade. The optimized construction also contributes to finer finishes.

3M Science, Applied to Abrasive Belts
Abrasive belts come in many different widths and lengths and are used on a variety of sanding machines. 3M offers a broad selection of belts to fit most any industrial belt sander. Wider belts are designed for wide belt sanders for flat finishing. Regardless of belt style selected, you can depend on innovative science being applied to each and every belt.

Extra Details

  • 3M Cloth Belt 966UZ belts feature an optimized mineral coating to provide long life and good finishes
  • 3M Cloth Belt 970DZ belts feature an open-closed construction for projects where loading is a concern
  • 3M Wood Machine Kit contains 3M Cloth Belts 970DZ and 966UZ belts of varying grades, providing an economical solution for testing different belts
  • Belts contain 3M Ceramic Abrasive Grain for sharp cutting action and consistent results
  • May be used for a variety of woodworking applications, from dimensioning to panel processing

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