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3M Woodworking Belt Kit, 37 in x 60 in, 1 ea/Case

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Country of Origin: USA
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$567.93 each
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The Woodworking Kit contains a selection of woodworking belts to use in flat finishing applications. It includes two different types of belts in five different grades. Our belts are designed to improve cut and finish, while providing enhanced anti-static performance.

Extra Details

  • 364UZ - 3M Paper Belt 346UZ is constructed with a premium aluminum oxide mineral. It is an open coat construction for loading resistance and is coated on an F-weight paper backing to efficiently sand and finish. F-weight is one of the heaviest, most
  • 364UZ - The paper backing of our 3M Paper Belt 346UZ provides smooth operation and durability. The abrasive side features an open coat structure. The open coat construction resists loading better than closed coat belts, particularly on soft wood. Thi
  • 364UZ - To support desired finishing results, the belt ends are joined using a sine wave splice that promotes belt strength and resists hinging and splice fatigue. The splice travels smoothly over contact wheels and platens, minimizes chatter marks,
  • The Woodworking Kit includes 364UZ, an aluminum oxide belt in P100, P120, P150 and P180 grit. It also contains 466UZ, a silicon carbide wide belt in P220 grade. The Woodworking Kit is designed for woodworking flat finishing applications

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