Industrial 3M Products & Supplies 3M Motor Lead Pigtail Splice 5304, 1 kV, 1-Hole Lug Connection, Feeder:250-500 kc mil, Motor Lead: 4/0 AWG-500 kc mil, 1/case 12266 Industrial 3M

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3M Motor Lead Pigtail Splicing Kits 5300 Series are designed for splicing motor lead cables to incoming feeder cables, including the accommodation of pigtail (stub) connections at 1000 volts and less. The splice??? main component, the slip-on lug cover, is made from EPDM rubber. Mastic strips are used for the moisture seal. These kits are designed to be used with copper compression, one-hole lugs. After being crimped onto the cables, the lugs are bolted together in a pigtail configuration, then insulated and sealed with the 3M Motor Lead Splicing Kit. Each kit makes three splices and contains the necessary materials (except lugs) needed to make three splices. The lugs must be purchased separately. 3M Scotchlok Copper Compression Lugs 30000 Series, or other UL listed copper lugs, can be used. Kit contents include: ??(3) Pigtail lug covers ??(3) Mastic sealing strips ??(3) Locking pins (kits 5302??304 only) ??(3) Tubes of silicone grease ??(1) Instruction sheet