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Best Safety Warning Tape 

Safety warning tape has various uses. For instance, you may use it as decoration party tape. However, its most noteworthy uses are for employee safety and safety in general. We carry this striped tape in multiple colors and can provide it in large quantities so that you can block off even the largest of areas. Let's discuss some of the uses and varieties of safety tapes. 

What Is Safety Tape Used For?

We offer adhesive and nonadhesive safety tapes for walls, railings, the ground or various other locations. This tape serves as a warning, alerting people that an area is unsafe for them to venture into or touch. It's a way to indicate a temporary hazard in the workplace, on a construction site or in a public area. Not only does it help keep people safe, but the tape is also an Occupational Safety and Health Act requirement for certain industries. Moreover, some companies not regulated by OSHA may require the use of these tapes. 

While we supply multicolored striped tape, we also carry it in multiple colors. Different colors have different meanings. Some of these include: 

  • White and red tape: Signifies fire prevention or highlights where fire protective equipment is stored 

  • White or black tape: Used for housekeeping or store markings 

  • Yellow or magenta: Warns people of the presence of radioactive materials 

  • White-and-green combination: Indicates first aid

Besides using it as a warning, you may also use safety tape as a decoration. Spook up your Halloween decor by creating a scene surrounded by black and yellow tape. You can even use colored tape to decorate if you have a themed event. 

Reason to Use Safety Tape

Most importantly, safety tape can prevent people from entering a dangerous area and possibly falling, getting electrocuted or coming in contact with harmful radiation, among other issues. You also help protect your business from a lawsuit.

When danger isn't noted, and a person gets hurt, they may file a lawsuit against your company. These caution tapes can prevent that. 

For some industries, using caution tape is a requirement for safety in workspaces. When it's not used, the company could receive an OSHA violation. 

For party purposes, this tape can add to the appeal of the decor and enhance the scene. It could even be used to designate certain areas to keep attendees in the proper spaces for the festivities. 

Why a Facility Would Need Barricade and Warning Tape

We advise a facility to use a barricade and warning tape if they're currently in the middle of a construction or renovation project and have areas that are no longer safe. Construction projects, in general, may require barricading and caution tape because of the nature of the work. Any companies that follow OSHA regulations need this because of the rules they must follow. Plus, any business trying to keep patrons or employees safe will want to use these items. 

How to Choose the Right Tape for Safety in Industry

In industry, you need to understand the different tape patterns to choose the one that's right for your project.

First, if you're using the tape outdoors, choose a waterproof option. You'll find a wide section of waterproof tapes on our website. The next factor to consider is the color or pattern you need. This depends on what you're using it for. You can find a brief breakdown above. Finally, know whether you need nonadhesive or adhesive tape. You may find the adhesive version in single-sided and double-sided options. 

When you need warning caution tape for work or play, check out our wide section. We supply various colors and types to meet your needs, whether you want to protect others, throw a party, remain compliant with OSHA or avoid a potential lawsuit. It's helpful to know what you need, though, when you see the wide selection we provide.  

When you are in need of high quality warning tape for your construction or industrial needs, Strobel’s Supply has a wide selection of durable and reliable barricade tape to choose from. Shop now by visiting our inventory of safety warning tapes. 


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